HPI Ingenico Moby 8500 Sled w/Alien Tape Adhesive

This Mozee sled is custom-made to fit and firmly hold the Ingenico Moby8500 payment device. This sled is made from a sturdy and durable, but still slightly flexible material that is ideal for holding the compact payment device. 


  • Ingenico Moby 8500 Sled connects to an un-cased tablet, hard-shell case or other hard surface.
  • Ingenico Moby8500 unit is easily removable from the sled when necessary
  • POS device is snugly held in place and won't accidentally come loose from sled
  • Unparalleled versatility to use the Moby8500 in business in the manner best suited to each individual's need
  • All features of the POS device are available while installed, including access to card swipe, card chip insert slot, keypad, power port, etc.
  • If interested in a bundle kit (includes case, Handeholder, and POS sled), please contact us for more information.

Product Includes:

Mobile sled for the Moby8500 device w/Alien Tape adhesive (Device sold separately)



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