Handeholder™ Mozee™ Rotating iCMP Sled

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This Mozee sled for the Ingenico Group's iCMP mobile payment device connects to the back of an un-cased tablet or hard-shelled case. iCMP Mozee Sled Sell Sheet (Requires PDF reader)


  • Mozee connects to un-cased tablets or hard-shell cases
  • All features of the iCMP are available while installed
  • The iCMP keypad is accessible at all times
  • POS device fits snugly in the sled but removes easily as needed
  • iCMP sled is fixed in place using our secure Industrial Dual Lock Attachment rings
  • 360-degree rotation feature to allow greater flexibility of use

Product Includes:

1 Mobile tablet holder sled for the Ingenico Group's iCMP device, 1 additional industrial strength attachment ring; 1 alcohol wipe