Handeholder™ Mozee+™

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Receive same benefits of the standard Mozee for the Ingenico iSMP Companion, with an extra compartment behind the device to hold magnetic-stripe cards - including programmable room keys, gift cards, loyalty cards, and more. In addition, each Mozee+ comes with an included pen clip that attaches to the tablet to keep a pen or stylus handy at all times. Mozee+ Sell Sheet (Requires PDF reader)


  • Mozee connects to an un-cased tablet or hard-shell case with secure holding power
  • Unit is removable from tablet as necessary
  • POS snugly held in place and wont accidentally come loose from holder
  • Mozee can double as a tabletop lift stand for the connected tablet
  • Many features of the POS device are available while installed in the Mozee+, including access to card swipe, chip and pin, etc.
  • Branding options are available

Product Includes:

1 Mobile tablet + card holder for the Ingenico iSMP Companion; 1 Handeholder Pen Clip (Available for un-cased tablets only); 1 Handeholder industrial strength attachment ring; 1 alcohol wipe