uniVERSE Mobility and mPOS Solutions

Versatile and modular holding solutions for all your tablet, phone and mPOS needs.


In the mPOS space, the seamless integration of payment terminal and paired device is crucial to a successful mobile strategy. But in order to take full advantage of ever-changing technology and expand the functionality of devices, the abillty to mix-and-match a variety of hardware and software components is an integral need.

With the implementation of the OtterBox uniVERSE Case System for tablets and phones, and our mobility and mPOS solutions, it's finally possible to have an all-in-one feeling with necessary productivity devices while keeping interchangable modular versatility and flexibility.

Benefits of our products and uniVERSE adoption include:

  • Solutions that adapt to your specific need
  • Refresh a part of your operating solution without changing all components
  • A variety of payment devices supported
  • Our popular and comfortable Handeholder side mounted hand strap is supported
  • And more...

Click here to find all of the uniVERSE cases we currently offer and our patented SK* Point of Sale (POS) holding sleds to attach to those cases. 

Contact us to see how you can integrate this versatile mobile solution into your business strategy.